A glimpse of the future

While technology spawns innovations in other industries, bulk international shipping lags in the paper era. The agri post-trade execution process is both labor-intensive and error-prone. Isn’t it time to give our industry a digital upgrade?

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Overview of scope

Moving our industry into a higher level of performance starts with digitalising our six core processes: vessel nomination, documentary instructions, appointment of third-party providers, generating draft documents, final documents and documents presentation.

Our long-term objective is to digitalise the entire execution process for international agri bulk commodities, from contract management to vessel finalisation. The launch of the platform, which is currently in its development phase, is expected for 2020, subject to regulatory approval. The prototype below does not feature the platform design, it is a demonstration of the processes we will focus on.

Getting involved Getting involved

Where we’ll start

We will adopt a trade-lane by trade-lane approach for development and implementation. The first trade lane will be the bulk shipment of soybeans from the port of Santos in Brazil to China.

This flow represents both global reach and a complex processing flow—precisely what any international commodities business seeks to execute without a hitch.

In the future, we will add other origins, destinations and commodities to our development and implementation roadmap. Stay tuned on the next trade lanes and progress via our regular status updates

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