Designed for security

The Covantis platform is being built with your priorities in mind. That’s why we’re making data security and privacy our foremost consideration. With Covantis, you can trust that your information will be protected around the clock.

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Powered by blockchain

Powered by blockchain

Our platform will be built around J.P. Morgan’s Quorum blockchain technology, designed to have the security and privacy you would expect when working with financial institutions.

And we’ve gone further! We’ve looked at where and how bad actors usually compromise applications and added extra security in those areas. Whether that is industry best practice cryptography, to stop spying, or two factor authentication to prevent a compromised user account being used to make or change transactions, we’re designing and building for security and privacy.

Data privacy is always the first priority

Your privacy comes first at Covantis. Your transaction details will be hidden. Other users will not see that a private transaction occurred and they won’t know anything about it.

Covantis will also use modern encryption technologies to ‘change’ your identity for every transaction. Only you and the intended transaction recipient will know anything about the transaction. Even if an unauthorized party was able to access the network and monitor all transactions, the encryption will provide another line of defense for documents and data.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our data privacy protocols.

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Keeping data safe

Keeping data safe

Let’s take a risk perspective and look at the biggest security risk: us! Most hacks or data losses result from the actions of a user, especially password management. Covantis plans to use two-factor authorization.

Two-factor authentication offers an extra layer of security. Even if someone did manage to get your password, without your phone they would not be able to access, read your data or transact from your account. The use of encryption ensures that only you can read your sensitive documents and data.

Standards you can trust

However good our security is, there are people trying to beat it! With that in mind we’ll be using ethical hackers to regularly test our operations. The results of these will be made available on this website.

As soon as we are live, we’ll also be starting the process of gaining the relevant certifications that will help your IT departments understand more about our processes and procedures. This includes industry standard security certification.

Privacy and security really are at the heart of the Covantis design.

Find out more by reading our Privacy Notice here